Farewell, Elvis

The girls have enjoyed having Elvis to stay and were sad that he has to go back to Santa tonight. Yesterday he stole one of Grandad’s beers and a load of chocolates in Thropton.

Today he was caught abseiling in Grandma and Grandpa’s kitchen down two pairs of new onesie pyjamas.

Eilidh didn’t want Elvis to get into trouble, so she overlooked most of his crimes over the last two days in her final letter to Santa:

They are tucked up in bed now, with their stockings ready at the foot of their beds for Santa’s visit. We hope he turns up for them tonight.


Hickory Dickory Dock

Hickory dickory dock, last night Elvis climbed up Grandma and Grandad’s Grandfather clock.

Eilidh covered this and caught up on yesterday’s report with the following:


Merry Christmas 2012

It has been a year since our 2011 Christmas message (our online answer to the puzzling question: “why haven’t Kaelyn, Eilidh, Jo and Glyn sent me a Christmas card?”). It thus seems only appropriate to post the sequel, “Merry Christmas 2012”. Eilidh and Kaelyn have been working hard on their singing skills and have this performance to share with you:

Like previous years, our savings on expenditure for cards and postage go to Cancer Research.
Hope you have a very Merry Christmas with lots of good timings and maybe even some piggy pudding (don’t know what it is, but we apparently all like it!).

Toilet paper travesty

Eilidh and Kaelyn know that we really shouldn’t use too much toilet paper. Elvis clearly doesn’t as we can see from this morning’s photo:

No report yet, but I’m sure one will follow soon…


Elvis must have been a little peckish on Wednesday night. This is how the girls found him on Thursday morning:

Santa naturally needs to know about this, and what better way than via a collage?


Cowboy King Elvis

On Tuesday morning, the girls found that Elvis had written a message on Mummy’s noticeboard:

… and on Wednesday, Elvis played at being a cowboy:

Eilidh reported events to Santa:


The potty incident

On Monday morning, Elvis was found sitting on the toy potty for one of Kaelyn’s babies.


Interesting fact: Elf poos are almost completely indistinguishable from maltesers.


Naturally, Eilidh delicately disclosed the event to Santa.